The Weather
Weather is what climate is made of.
There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad gear.
Bad weather makes for good adventure.
Good adventure is why we are here.

There are no cancellations because of bad weather unless it is a hurricane or all of the airports are closed. Come prepared. You are responsible for your personal gear. Bring high end expedition quality gear for wind/rain/cold weather.

Goretex (or equal) is a must, at least for uppers, rubberized at the minimum for lowers. Goretex (or equal) waterproof hiking boots with moderately lugged soles are mandatory for trips where we will be on the trail. Make sure your tread is moderately aggressive for trips with ice work.We will be sensible and safe and we are prepared for violent and prolonged weather with top of the line gear camp gear.

When we do get a hurricane or blizzard, if the airports are still open, we will be there. Some of our most memorable expeditions have been during the most inclement of weather. If we do have to cancel, credit will be given for a future trip. See Reservations and cancellations for more information.

Flight insurance is suggested, trip insurance is mandatory. Even in Alaska, weather can wreak havoc on airline schedules. In Greenland it is routine.