What We Do

The nonprofit ClimateAdventures.org offers unique adventures with a climate science specialist to visit climate change impacted areas across North America and Greenland.  These offerings are unparalleled in the tourism industry. Our principal resource accompanies all trips and provides a constant flow of detailed information about climate science related to the focus area of each trip and relevant to the climate change discussion from a science and policy perspective. Melton is also a leader in the reporting of findings in the new field of global warming psychology. This new discipline looks at why it is that we have had such a difficult time with communicating climate science when other sciences are much more easily understood.

Where Changes are Happening

We take people to where climate changes are happening now, that are little reported or simple nonexistent in the media. We read the scientific literature, talk to the publishing climate scientists, and look at the data ourselves. We visit impacted areas to investigate; post reports on the literature write and produce documentaries about our field investigations on the Climate Change Now Initiative’s www.ClimateDiscovery.org knowledge base.

Climate Science Experts

Other tour providers offer leadership with expertise in certain areas. Climate Adventures offers leadership expert in climate science as well as the natural sciences, wilderness travel, four-wheel drive travel, ecology, birding, plant and wildlife studies, international travel, Arctic travel, international studies and more.

Small Groups

Our services are generally designed for tours of one to five people to allow for an in-depth emersion in climate science and the particular focus of each trip. The tours and expeditions we offer are the same as these undertaken during the investigations that Melton performed in his due diligence for his reporting and filmmaking.


We are a small nonprofit business. Proceeds from Climate Adventures supports our parent organization, the Climate Change Now Initiative. Through this support, the Initiative is able to continue reporting the latest climate science that is so poorly covered in the media. Revenues allow us to play an important role in developing up to date national climate policy that is so far behind because of the same reasons that recent climate science is so poorly reported in the media (the perceived debate, fear of losing customers and viewers, the perception that climate scientists are still uncertain, etc.)

Pioneering 21st Century Tourism

We are pioneering a new field in the tourism industry. We offer an extraordinary opportunity for individuals, not just to see these climate changes happening for themselves, but to be accompanied and facilitated by an expert in climate science, climate science communications and wilderness adventuring.

The Greenland Ice Sheet north of Point 660 near Kangerlussuaq. The large linear pile of rocks and gravel is a terminal moraine. It is easy to see how melt has stranded the moraine as the ice has receded.  This moraine is 200 to 300 feet tall and has been stable (in its current position) since at least the little ice age, or about 400 to 500 years ago.